What God Did With Me In 2016


To my family, friends and others who will read this post, it’s time to begin sharing God’s story, that by His grace, includes the Wilder family. There’s a time to be quiet and there’s a time to be loud…2017 will be a loud year for us (and this post will be long for you to read)! We can’t contain, and it’s very difficult to express, all that God has done during the first year of our big faith step (and we are in the middle of many more). It has been filled with very difficult times (we can never thank you enough for all of your support!) and very good times. Throughout it all, we have chosen to walk in victory! There is no way that a post, or a sermon, or a public announcement allows for enough space to articulate God’s move in our lives. To be honest, my prayer is not just for Amber and I to talk about it for the rest of our lives, but that our grandkids’ kids would still be talking about the miracles and provision of God.

Last year, I was unclear about my immediate and long term future. Literally a year later, God has made things crystal clear. With the desire to maximize my impact on this earth, I set out to discover my identity in Christ (my calling, purpose, how He has wired me, etc.) and then simply live this identity out with the platforms that God provides. I know this sounds preachy and dreamy, but it was time that I live out what I’ve been preaching for so long…Amber and I have always lived by this motto: never settle for less than God’s best…So, for the Wilder family, we committed to take radical faith steps…in order to go for God’s best…and yes, this included our kids! Last year, we challenged ourselves to look at the next 2 years as a local mission trip…that we would whole heartedly jump in after God, trust in His character, take risks, do things differently, and see what happens from there. And WOW has He shown up!

My part of the story included God challenging me to be faithful wherever He has me and to stop trying to force His Sovereign hand. In other words, He said that He was God and if I would be faithful to Him, He would orchestrate in ways that only He can. And when He does, only He will be able to receive the glory…and it will be a beautiful thing!

So my calling and purpose came down to 4 words: God has created me to Reach, Teach, Preach, and to Coach. And I can’t believe, that in 1 year, God has provided platforms for me to live this out! Check this out in the order that God orchestrated:

REACH: God birthed a vision inside of me to launch a nonprofit platform to equip local churches, across our nation, on how to share the Gospel in their local communities. ConvergenceNow, Inc. is set out to help the best organization on the planet, the local church, to be a lighthouse again in their communities!

TEACH: God provided a place for me to teach the Bible 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday, at the Master’s Academy! My classroom seems to turn into church (at least for me!) everyday and I absolutely love it and am inspired by my students!

COACH: God then provided a place for me to coach at the Master’s Academy. Can you believe that all 6 of my family would be on the same school campus everyday!! Family alignment was part of our prayer request.

PREACH: University Baptist Church wrapped their arms around our family during our transition and has graciously extended the call of the pastorate to me. Preaching every week is a dream come true. I can’t believe that God is allowing me to preach/teach His Word 6 out of 7 days a week…is this real?!

Thank you to everyone who has invested in me to help make this possible!

God has been doing special things in all of these areas this year and the best thing is that I can’t possibly get the credit. He’s done it! He’s orchestrated it and connected the dots in ways that are inexplainable!

I tell anyone that will listen that my joy has never been deeper and my faith has never been greater…and all of the attention goes to God. It’s a beautiful thing. What in the world will happen next?!

6 thoughts on “What God Did With Me In 2016

  1. Your journeys always sweep so many along with you. Thanks for truth! It’s all a home -run. See you at Home 😊 , along with a bunch of others!


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